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To celebrate I decided to have a little GIVEAWAY :).

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Fabric Bracelets






Lately, I’ve been down in the dumps. I don’t want to go into details, so please don’t ask; but man has my productivity been suffering. I’ve eaten very little, I can’t concentrate, and I have almost no motivation to get anything done for the shop. Though I have managed to bike 3 days so far this week…

I’ve been working on sewing the same set of two makeup pouches since Saturday, they take a few hours at most given my normally extremely wandering mind, but I just haven’t wanted to do more than one tiny step a night. Today, after finding motivation to actually finish them, I cut the zipper pull off one rendering the entire thing useless; and I sewed the same straight line 10 times on the other, cursing as the thread continually broke at the start of the line, never once thinking I should change the needle size to match what I was actually sewing. And I’ve been sewing for how long?

I’m really hoping to be able to get out of this rut soon.

What do you do to find motivation when you’re down?


Prior to my loss of motivation I finished up these guys for the shop:


Happy New Year!

First things first, I just have to share: my Fox Coin Purse was featured in the January 2013 issue of Baltimore magazine, and I am so super excited!! I’ve already had requests to make more! :)

January 2013 issue of Baltimore magazine

But enough of that.


¡Happy Happy New Year!

So much has happened here at the Little Cotton Studio in the last year: we bought our first home, the bf switched jobs, we took on my youngest, college age sister, I started this blog and opened up my Etsy shop, my other sister moved across the country… I could go on and on. Basically, we’ve kept ourselves busy such that 2012 seemed to go by with the blink of eye!

Now that the year is out and we’ve had time to settle into our new home and adjust to a three person household, it’s time to set a few goals for the new year and actually keep them. There are no excuses in 2013!

A few of the things I would like to accomplish in the coming year:

1. First off, start and finish the lovely bottle of champagne the bf purchased, come 0:00 on 1/1/13 :).

2. Streamline production for my Etsy shop such that I don’t lose days at a time in my craft room. I really just need to settle on only a few different product types and produce more than one item at time. This may prove difficult, as I tend to get bored/burnt-out quite easily and am always wanting to try new things and expand my sewing skills.

3. Spend more time with family and friends. This one sort of goes in line with item number 2.

4. Be more adventurous and spontaneous. The bf and I used to go camping, biking, hiking, driving, etc. on a whim; but with the addition of full-time jobs, a house, the shop, and a teenager, we’re often “too exhausted” and don’t get out nearly as much as we used to. I’d really like to change that.

5. Be healthier; i.e., work out more (or at all really) and eat better food. Doing No. 4 may help with this, but I’ve honestly just been so lazy this last year and not eating nearly as well as I should. I may be skinny, but that doesn’t mean I’m anywhere close to healthy about it.

6. Make the new house feel more like OUR home. Whether it be something as simple as changing out the blinds or putting knobs on the kitchen cabinets, or as extreme as ripping out the hunter green carpet and putting in hardwood floors, putting up walls and doors in the basement or finishing the laundry room, we’d really like to make some improvements to the house that make it better fit our needs and style.

I have many more goals in mind for the coming year, but the ones I’ve listed (numbers 2 – 6, especially) are what come to mind first and are really the most important to me.

What are your goals for the coming year?

On a side note, this holiday season was a season of firsts for us. We hosted our first ever holiday dinner in our new home the Saturday before Christmas. It was absolutely lovely, and we surprisingly fit ten people just perfectly! :) We had our first ever white Christmas, my first ever snow ball fight, and I now know what roasted brussel sprouts taste like!!


Also, here’s a look at a few of the handmade gifts I made this year:


And a few new items in the shop:


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and wish everyone luck in the new year!