Flying Geese

I’ve started several quilts in my 27 years, but never once completed one. I think it is the combination of how long they can take to complete and my desire for perfection which causes it to take me FOREVER to complete one. I’ve recently seen a good number of beautiful, modern quilts out in the blog world and found myself with the craving to attempt another quilt. But this time I’m taking a different approach… a mini quilt! I’ve wanted to make a sort of table runner for our small breakfast table and figured it was a great time to try my hand at quilting again. But with quicker, less stressful results.

I decided to try paper piecing (a.k.a. foundation piecing), and talk about fantastic! Paper piecing is so easy and makes for great results, with perfectly straight lines. And it’s SO quick, which is obviously perfect for me. I chose to piece together a 12″ x 12″ square of flying geese using some scrap fabric and a paper piecing pattern I found here at Piece by Number. I actually couldn’t print the pattern due to printer troubles, but it’s based on what I saw on the linked website. I also added a 1″ border around the 4 – 6″ x 6″ blocks to gain some space between the edges of the flying geese and the impending binding.

Here’s a photo of the quilt top that I have completed.

I’m hoping to work on the actual quilting part this coming weekend. Wish me luck!


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