Flying Geese: Part II

As I had hoped, I was able to start and finish the quilting of my Flying Geese Mini Quilt this past weekend!

It’s hard to say how long it actually took me, as I’m prone to get up and start doing several different things quite often in the middle of a task; but I’m pretty sure it took less than 6 hours to complete the quilting. I probably could have done it more quickly, it’s only 14″ x 14″ for goodness sake, but I was pretty meticulous about getting the lines as straight as I could and my darn sewing machine kept having bobbin related issues that resulted in a lot of unnecessary ripping and re-stitching.  But I’m really happy with the results!

Here’s a pic of the full quilt, sans binding. I apologize for the quality; my camera was having real issues photographing it, and I think it has to do with the quilting lines and the waviness they caused at the edges.

The next and final step is to complete the binding.  Then it will finally be ready for the breakfast table!


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