A Faster, Quieter, Awesomer Machine!!

It can take a lot of convincing to get me to buy something for myself, especially something I feel is too expensive or not immediately necessary.  This past weekend was no exception. I had decided early on that I wanted nothing to do with the Black Friday sales; I just get too stressed with all the traffic, parking space hunting, and crowded stores. But come Saturday, I was in desperate need of some supplies to finish up a custom order for the shop, and a trip to Joann’s would be required. I figured, if I have to deal with going out this weekend of all possible weekends, I might as well check the sales and make it worth my while. Lo and behold, there was a $450 Singer Patchwork sewing machine on sale for $190! Now I know it’s no Jamone or Bernina, but it is miles ahead of the old mechanical machine I’ve used for years; and I wanted it. But my current machine still works, with a bit of finagling; so I just couldn’t see buying a new one.

After a lot of back and forth, some convincing from my sister and boyfriend, and seven (count ’em, seven!) Etsy sales this past week, the machine is mine!!

As soon as I got home, I knew I had to test its abilities…but with what? Why, Keyka Lou’s new Idea Pouch Pattern, of course! I wouldn’t have dreamt of attempting such a beast of a project with my old machine, just a couple of layers of wool, cotton, and some interfacing and the thing would get stuck and require tons of pushing and shoving. But with my new machine, the pouch was an absolute breeze to sew, even through the thickest of layers. I am so happy with the new machine and am so happy I bit the bullet and got what I’m told I deserve!

Check out the pleated iPad pouch I made:

Idea Pouch

I absolutely love patterns by Keyka Lou (a.k.a. Michelle Patterns) and this one was no exception!

I can’t wait to sew another one of these bad boys with the new machine!


Update (12/11/12) – This machine no longer appears to be available on the Joann.com site. Not quite sure what happened, but maybe they sold out.


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