Productivity in Pouches

It’s been a little over 1 month since I officially opened my Etsy shop; and sales haven’t been through the roof by any means, but they certainly have been more frequent than I was expecting. I’m quite ecstatic that people seem to like the things I’ve made; but I am having to learn to adjust to my fluctuating inventory and come up with ways to restock quality items somewhat quickly and without completely losing my life outside of my day job.

The solution I’ve come up with…


The Morgan Pencil Pouch

The Morgan Makeup Pouch

Metal Frame Pouch

I made all three of the above pouches over the weekend, and two sold within a day!

I still plan to make more of my larger items, I even started and almost fully completed another one of the Idea Pouches that I talked briefly about here (just having a bit of a hard time deciding on the buttons), but I think the quick little pouches make a nice filler to keep the shops inventory attractive to buyers while I work on the bigger things. :)

On a side note, I did get a few projects done around the house over this past weekend, including a skirt for our Christmas tree; but the darn thing turned out so poorly (in my opinion) that I can’t bear to share a picture of it. I will say that I was attempting to follow this tutorial here, and suffice it to say it has been years since I’ve attempted to cut out a snowflake, let alone do into a large piece of felt! Next year, I think I’ll plan ahead and actually sew one; I seem to be much better at that.


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